Savannah Sevens

I’ve been dreaming of this blog series for a few months now and I’m thrilled to finally be able to share my collaborative work with some amazing boutiques and makers. There will be one post per week during the month of October so keep checking back each week for more outfit inspo. Also, huge shout out to Cheyenne Johnson for capturing all of these images for this series. Check her out!

This series will highlight outfits for Cowboy Christmas and the NFR. If you’re a newb and you’re thinking, what, I have to wear 2 outfits a day? Don’t worry! For Cowboy Christmas I typically go a lot more comfortable and then I go all out for the finals/night time shenanigans. If you’re an intense Cowboy Christmas shopper like me, you’ll want to wear comfortable shoes because you will be walking your face off. Nonetheless, I’ll be following up this series with all the tips and tricks for first timers so be looking out for that in November.

Savannah 7s

I’m super excited to be kicking off this NFR outfit inspiration series with one of my favorite boutiques – Savannah Sevens. They truly have an outfit for any occasion and can certainly help you look your best at this year’s Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. They also have a blog so be sure and check out some of their styling tips!

Sammie and Ryley set me up with a full blown outfit of a lifetime.  Without personally knowing me, they styled me in an outfit that happened to be my favorite color AND I’d honestly be okay with being buried in it. It’s that good. So. I’ll cut to the chase and let you marvel at all the goodies that are Savannah Sevens.

Pro tip – If ya wanna purchase anything I’m wearing, there will be links to it all at the end of the post. Follow the links and be prepared to fall in love with everything you see on their site. S7s is SO good at choosing items that everyone will love!








Del Rio Dress

Double J Fringe Bag

Fenix Booties

Canyon Falls Choker

Buckeye Cuff

Wildorado Cuff

Turquoise Concho Necklace


See you next week!



#CroochCasa check-in

Helllooo pals. It’s been awhile so I thought I’d hop on my computer (since 8 hours of corporate life at a desk isn’t enough) and give an update on how things are going with the house. But first let’s talk Velvet Brumby.

When I started this blog I knew that I wanted to have a little bit of fashion, a little bit of home inspo and a whole lotta non-professional. I spend so much of my day in a professional setting so it’s so nice to have this site to sort of decompress from that part of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m blessed to have the career that I do but sometimes I thirst to let my creativity flow. That being said, I’ve been drumming up various ideas in order to make my insta page better. I’m doing an NFR ticket 5K giveaway (wooooohooo-please enter if you haven’t already) and I’m working on putting together an NFR styled shoot with some AMAZING boutiques and makers. I cannot wait to share more on that. Anyways, let’s move on to the house update.

I’ve spent the last few months day dreaming about our new casa in Northeast Oklahoma. I’m kind of a weird person. Like I know which frekin bedskirts are going on every bed in my house and what toothbrush holders are going in the bathrooms. I’m honestly such a planner and I wish sometimes I could just be chill but nope I’m pretty much a full fledged crazy who coordinates bath towels with rugs when she doesn’t even have cabinets in her house BUTTTT spare me the judgement.

Our house is currently dried in and we are thinking that it will be ready to move in by the end of October or beginning of November. This week the electrician, plumber and HVAC dude are doing their thing. Hopefully the boring part gets over with soon because I’m so ready to see paint on the walls, floors covered in wood and cabinets installed. This has been a year long process of selling our home, moving and now waiting for our new home to be complete.

I wanted to give a few sneak peaks of what we have going on over in OklaHOMEa. I so hope to continue to share more of this process. Once we move in and everything is in it’s place, I will be sure to post links and updated photos of every room.

Here was day 1 of construction. At this point all we had done was brush hog and clean up some trees.


They put re-bar down to pour the pad.


They framed in like a week! So fast.


The builder messed up the roof pitch so we had to re-do the front porch pitch. It’s bigger than this photo shows, now.


This was after the pitch was fixed and the dormers were started on the roof.


This is where we are now 🙂


It has been roughly 5.5 weeks since construction started.

Here is a picture of part of our entry way that we are doing. Gus and his dad welded this massive thing together.


This is only about 1/3 finished. This will have white brick pillars on the corner posts and there will be timbers on the 2 sets of horizontal pipe. It’ll also get painted and a handy dandy sign will be hung. Still looking for the perfect sign.


If you’ve made it this far- thanks for following along. You’re a TRUE friend and I love you.  Even if I don’t know you.

Stay tuned for more from the #CroochCasa.





Redeemed Cowgirl

What I love about being a blogger / style influencer is working with brands and makers that I can jive with. I enjoy working with goal driven individuals that share the same interests as me, as well. When Elizabeth messaged me on Instagram wanting to collaborate, I immediately jumped on her website. I instantly loved everything that she was trying to accomplish with her business and could see her vision by just scrolling through her page.

The Redeemed Cowgirl has partnered with Colors of Hope, which is an equine restoration program, for victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking. She makes the most beautiful leather cuffs and when you shop you are supporting young women and girls who have been sexually targeted.

Did you know that sex trafficking is the second most profitable illegal crime in the world? It’s a $32 billion dollar per year problem that has to be fixed. The next time you’re looking for a leather cuff you should check out @redeemedcowgirl. Not only will you have a new accessory that goes with any outfit – you will be making an impact in the lives of women who so desperately need your support.



Branded SD

Hey y’all! It’s been awhile since I’ve published a post. It’s been a little busy around here. Over the last few months I’ve started a new job, sold my house, moved into a rental place and started the loan process for building a new home in Northeast Oklahoma. It’s been crazy! I’ve been tweaking floor plans, designing the entry way that Gus and his dad are going to weld and putting together design ideas for the inside of the house. With all that being said, that’s not what this post is about!

I am one of Branded SD’s 2018 style reps! (yay) That means I will have lots of super cute graphic tees to share with y’all throughout the year! Sami had all her reps choose our favorites from her line and it was so hard to choose because I wanted them all!

Graphic tees are a staple in my closet because they can truly be styled a gazillion different ways. In this post you’ll see them paired with jeans, shorts, skirts and a t-shirt dress! The possibilities are endless. If you like any of the graphic tees pictured, go HERE and use code ‘Velvet10’ for 10% off your purchase!
Also, huge shout out to Kelly Rae Photography for driving to my hometown to capture these beautiful tees. We had so much fun!


This ink drop cowboy tee is one of the most versatile tees. I have worn it riding horses and as you can see here it’s paired with a t-shirt dress and heels. Dress it up or down!


The “Cowgirls Cut From a Wild Rag” tee is super soft and fitted!




This steer skull baseball style tee is perfect for a day when you just want to throw on a top and still be cute. I love it!




The “Rambler” is another must have.


We ended this shoot at my Pa’s (grandpa) working pens. This land has been in my family since 1883.

Thanks for sticking around this long! If you liked any of the tees I’ve posted just wait until the new line is launched. They are just as awesome!

xox Suz

Life update

Hello frans. It’s been awhile since I’ve published a post because I’ve been super busy with life. I thought I’d let y’all know of all the changes going on around here, starting with my career change. I am so excited to tell y’all that I’ve accepted an international sales position at a company that my dad has worked at for years. It was time for a change and luckily I was able to make that happen. I am so thrilled to start this next chapter.

It just so happens that the day I received a job offer, a sweet couple decided they wanted to purchase our home after it had been on the market for 5 months. It’s a little funny how things happen because I’ve been praying for change and God just started laughing at me and then answered both of my prayers.

I had a week off between both jobs so I packed up our 1800 square foot house and began speaking with our lender, selling realtor and land buying realtor. I also had to do the annoying switchover of all our services from Hope Lane which was not fun. Needless to say, my week “off” was a lot of work.

My husband and I are living in a brand new duplex while our house is being built, which is only supposed to take 5 months. It is the cutest little place and we truly believe that it has all happened in God’s timing. I mean, the duplex is still being built and will be done the same week that we are moving in. That is great timing if you ask me.

We are going to be so busy this summer with our professional lives (starting a new job is tough), our social life (we’ll be at a lot of rodeos) anddd building our home. I’ve heard if you can make it through building a house together, you can make it through anything. We’ll have to meet with the builder weekly to go over where we want this cabinet and that light switch, and honestly I am so excited about that. I love seeing a project come to life.

Also, fun fact- the land we bought is near a Google facility in Oklahoma and we’ve heard that Google pretty much funds the school there which is awesome news. The Oklahoma education system needs to be updated so it’s nice to know that when we have kids they will get to attend a school that is well taken care of.

My goal is to keep y’all updated as we build the house. I think that’ll be super fun to look back on when it’s all said and done. I’ll leave our house plans below to kick this party off.  Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a single step in the process.

Xox Suz

Floor Plan Grab



I do


Meet Gus. We met at a rodeo after his steer went left and he bulldogged one at the back gate. It’s kinda funny lookin back now. From then on, we’ve pretty much been inseparable. He makes me steak when I’m hangry, helps me clean when I don’t want to and never complains when that online order that I needed so badly arrives at the front door. What more could a gal ask for?! He asked me to be his bride on November 19th, 2016 and on September 9th, 2017 we said HECK STINKIN YES. For 10 months, we planned our dream wedding. I say “we” but really it was more of “sure babe I definitely think you should utilize cotton in the bouquets instead of white daisies.” Ha! He was a great sport throughout it all and somehow, we managed to not kill each other so I’d chalk that up to a win.

Enough sap-let’s talk weddings.

Let me start this next paragraph by saying I am not a wedding planner and what worked for me may not work for the next girl. That’s the beauty of it; every wedding is unique and beautiful in its own way. If you want an outdoor wedding that costs you $50k- do it. Don’t let anyone tell you that, that is stupid to spend on a wedding. Some people value money differently. On the other hand, if you want a $1,000 indoor wedding on a Wednesday, have a $1,000 indoor wedding on a Wednesday. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you had the time of your life marrying your best bud. I had so many individuals trying to tell me how to spend my day and it got really hard at times to separate what I wanted from what they wanted. By the end, I chose 2 people that I trusted and I really listened to their opinion WHEN I ASKED FOR IT.

I started the process by doing what I do best- getting organized in excel. Ha! I had an excel sheet with like 10 tabs to keep me sane. Some people choose to stay disconnected and let a wedding planner do everything and that is great but I knew how that would end for me (I’m super OCD) so I decided against a planner. Again, planners are awesome but I wanted to spend my money elsewhere like…. on tacos!!


Gus and I both love taco bell so we decided it made perfect sense to have a taco bar during the reception. We went with a local Mexican restaurant that was great to work with and very affordable.


Our cake came from a local grocery store (Harps) and was beautiful + YUM and certainly did not break the bank. In order to feed 250 people, we actually got a 3-tier cake for Gus and I to cut, and then in the back we had 2 pre-cut sheet cakes for the guests. Guests don’t care what it looks like, only that it’s good.





As far as beverages, we ended up doing kegs instead of bottles/cans and I would 100% advise against that but only because we didn’t have a great experience with them. I wanted to do kegs to minimize the cleanup but it just went totally south when the tap didn’t work well and the trashcans leaked.



Our décor came from the Kindred Barn décor closet, friends and family and good ole Amazon/Hobby Lobby. The décor closet was just one of a million things that sold me on the Kindred Barn because it saved us so much moolah. Speaking of that big white barn, it doesn’t take much to make it look GORG so that was extra helpful.











Garden Gate in Genry, AR did my floral arrangements and honestly, I’m so glad that I decided to go with someone from my hometown (shop small, shop local) because they were 110% amazing and perfect and beautiful.








I met Bailey on insta and I’m just gonna say thank God for that because I feel like we are long lost bff’s. I think it’s super important to hire stylists that get your vision and you. It makes everything so much easier. I knew Tobi through a mutual friend and again, social media sold me on his makeup work. He is fire. His work is fire. Bailey and Tobi were the perfect duo to work with and I’d recommend either to the Queen of England.



I’m so glad that I decided to hire a videographer. Brett Baggett at BB Media captured my best day in the best way and now I have a video to look back on and remember why the heck I married Gus Crooch 😉 Cheyenne Johnson photographed so much of my love story from bridals to boudoir to our big day. Getcha a photog that can do it all AND make you feel comfortable. As far as a DJ goes- get oneeee. A DJ that interacts with the crowd will allow your guests to have an unforgettable experience.





My Soterro and Midgley dress gave me all the feels. When Gus saw me for our first look I could tell that I did my best in picking out the perfect dress from Danielle’s. The staff was wonderful to work with and even if I could go back and pick another, I absolutely wouldn’t.





xox Suz

p.s. these pictures get me every time. I love my friends. This is when they first saw me.







If you have any other wedding related questions- shoot me an email.


Self-tanning minus the oompa-loompa

Heyyyy y’all. A few of you have DM’d me about doing a self-tanning tutorial so I thought WHY NAWT. There will only be one picture associated with this post, because I did not want to photograph the pasty whiteness of what Suzie Crooch was before the self-tanner set in. Trust me, it was scary and since I’m new to this I wasn’t trying to scare a bunch of y’all away.

I have spray tanned probably 50 times for different pageants and events by using a Versa Spa machine or by getting sprayed professionally by a person. I think those methods are wonderful if that’s what you prefer, but I just find this method cheaper and more convenient. The biggest thing about doing this on your own is finding the right self-tanner. A LOT of people use the ST Tropez tanner and love it. I have heard that the Jergens self-tanner is very similar to ST Tropez but much cheaper. I love the Jergens tanner as it doesn’t smell bad and it’s very easy to use. (Some tanners smell awful)

With that being said, I’m hoping that I can explain this easily so that you can try this at home to reduce the tanning bed usage.

Here we goooo!!


Step 1)

Go to Walmart and spend like $15 of your hard-earned dollars. That’s it. No, this isn’t a joke. You’ll need to pick up some creepy looking surgical gloves, a cheap makeup brush and a bottle of “Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Tanning Mousse.” They will have different shades, but I use the “deep bronze” color. Totally up to you.

Step 2)

Right before you go to bed, take a shower. While you’re in there you will need to shave and exfoliate. (This is where it gets difficult because who shaves in the winter?…I mean…not me) Once you’re out of the shower make sure to completely dry off.

Step 3)

Once dry, take any unscented lotion and apply it to the parts of your body that are typically drier than the rest of your body such as elbows, knees, hands and feet. Once the lotion has set in, put your gloves on and put an old towel down in case you drop any tanner. (This just helps keep your floor clean)

Step 4)

The best way to apply the tanner is by doing it in sections. I start with my legs and then go up from there. Take the Jergens and squeeze the mousse into your hands. (MAKE SURE YOU ARE WEARING GLOVES AT THIS POINT) Rub the self-tanner onto your legs. I typically rub the mousse on the section that I’m tanning and then take the makeup brush and blend it all in so that I don’t look streaky. Once my legs are done I do my mid-section and then so on and so forth. I DO NOT rub the mousse onto my face, top of my feet or back of my hands. I will use the excess on the brush at the end to tan my face, hands and feet. If you don’t feel like there is enough left in your brush apply a small amount to the brush to do each part. I will add about a dime size to the brush and rub it on my face and then add another dime size for each hand and foot.

Step 5)

At this point you should have rubbed the self-tanner in, used the excess from the brush to tan your face, hands and feet, and blended everything in so that you don’t have any streaking. You should wait 10-20 minutes to make sure that you are completely dry. Once dry, I put on a long-sleeved shirt and pajama pants before bed so that the tanner doesn’t get all over my sheets. (I do not wear undergarments as that will add un-wanted lines)

Step 6)

Once you wake up, turn the shower on and use lukewarm water to rinse off. I only take about 3 minutes to do this and I do not use any soaps/scrubs. Once you get out of the shower pat your body dry. Do not dry off like you normally would as it will take some of the tan off.

Step 7)

Enjoy the beautiful bronze skin tone for about 5 days. Once it starts to fade you can re-do the process or go back to your normal skin tone.





Leave me a comment below if you think this sounds easy or if you’ve tried it and love it!