Meet Suzie Crooch


Hey y’all! Thanks for stopping by! I’m Suzie Crooch! It’s pronounced crew-ch. Do not take away or add any letters or you’ll find yourself in a funny situation! Ha! I’m from a rural small town in Northwest Arkansas but I moved to Oklahoma with my husband. He was pretty excited to move back since he’s an Oklahoma native. I obtained my bachelors degree in Poultry Science and Ag Business at the University of Arkansas and now I work for a poultry company in international sales.

I hope to share my love of western fashion with each of you fashionistas. I love “ballin on a budget” but then there are times when I splurge to buy the perfect piece to add to my collection. I’m a lover of all things fringe, felt halts and velvet so you’ll likely be seeing lots of those accents throughout my posts.

Another thing that I enjoy doing is decorating and re-decorating spaces in a home. I designed our 2500 sq ft house on paper and my husband put it into some fancy smancy system and handed it over to a builder and wa-lah we have our very own southwestern dream home.

I wanted to start this blog for a creative outlet and to meet new women, young and old! My circle can always grow. Send me a message and let’s chat and get to know one another!

xox Suz