Every now and then, you meet someone by chance and instantly feel like you could be best friends with them. That is the case with Ashton. We connected on Instagram through her idea of a western styled maternity shoot. It took me like 3.6 seconds to say Y E S. Her style is absolutely beautiful and I could tell through her posts that we would get along great!

We had Ashton meet us in Checotah down a dusty dirt road on a hot August evening and she didn’t complain one bit! We trailered the horses there (Wren’s new colt Roscoe being one of them) and began shooting around sunset. She captured 2 hours worth of photos. During that time we jammed to Cojo, got to know one another and laughed at Gus’ model behavior. (I think he enjoys being behind the Iphone camera/drone better – #InstagramHusband)

It was literally my dream shoot. Ashton organized floral arrangements for my hat and for the mare from The Flower Shop in Pryor. She also collaborated with Calli Co Silver so we were able to borrow some gorgeous authentic turquoise jewels that were out of this world! She rented the most rad dress from Reclamation Design Company. She bought Wren the cutest horse onesie and stuffed animal AND brought a dozen cheesecake cupcakes that were to-die-for (hello pregnancy lady cravings)! She certainly did not have to do any of it, yet she did and I appreciate her so much!

These photos will be cherished forever because they portray my immense love for Gustyn and my sweet little babe, Wrenley. In just a few short days we get to welcome her into this world and the bump will be gone but these photos will last us a lifetime.

Ashton – I am so incredibly thankful for you.

Apologizing now because y’all may get sick of seeing my bump and husband but truthfully IDC because I’m just so happy with how they ALL turned out!

{Some favs below}


Velvet Brumby

Suzie Crooch


Wrenley Sue’s Nursery

Hi y’all! I can’t thank you enough for all the love I received from Wren’s nursery reveal on Insta. I’ll leave photos, details and links below so you can purchase any of the items that you’d like but before we get to that I thought I’d take the time to talk a little bit more about the process. I’m definitely not an interior designer by any means but I love a good project and this one was so fun for me. It took me about 4 weeks to complete and I’m so excited that it’s done! It feels like she is that much closer to being here even though I still have 13ish weeks to go. I know – I still have 13 weeks and the nursery is done….I couldn’t help it and I certainly couldn’t wait any longer.

When preparing to design this space, I opened excel and threw this little plan together: (not an artist – don’t laugh ha) Capture

Once I had my initial plan, I chose my center point piece which would become the wall art that lots of you have requested more information on. You can find “These Boots” using the link here. With every project, I try and pick a few really good in your face pieces and then start building around them. Once you know your color scheme and have a few items picked out that will draw direct attention, then the rest is really easy. That’s just how I like to do things. Of course there are many different ways to design a space so to each their own. I also knew I didn’t want anything pink or floral so that threw out 99% of nursery decor so that definitely made it interesting ha!

IMG_0358 (2).JPG


Funny story on the boots wall art. This was initially a full wall of wallpaper. My husband and his parents worked hard putting it all up and then the next morning we woke up and it was all on the ground. See the sadness below….. The good thing was the company refunded me and asked no questions. That’s customer service right there! From there I didn’t know what the heck to do. After looking at thousands -and I do mean thousands of pieces of wall art, I just couldn’t get my mind off of this one so I decided to order it in the 9 wooden squares. I’m so excited that I didn’t give up on it because I love the way it turned out. Also fun fact – it was so easy to put up. The company sends a diagram that you tape on the wall so you know how to line up all your nails. It took us maybe 20 minutes to complete.


IMG_0358 (2).JPG



So saddd!! Not every project goes as planned so you have to keep an open mind. That’s a tough pill for me to swallow because helloooo Mrs. Perfectionist.

I’ll leave a few more fun photos and links for y’all! Again, thanks for all the shares, comments, likes and messages. It means the world to me that you love Wren’s little space as much as I do. If you have any questions send me a DM on Insta 🙂


IMG_0358 (2).JPG

IMG_0358 (2).JPG

Kiva ladder, mustard throw, crib, fur pillow, cowhide pillow, cowhide, stuffed horse, macrame hanger, changing basket, rocking chair, shelves, floor poof and dresser can all be found on my Amazon list HERE.

Crib skirt

Crib sheet

Square denim pillow

Rectangle denim pillow

Toy box – I bought the small size only in store

Hats – Antique Store


Name sign – Follow @vargasmakery on Instagram

Mirror – In store at Hobby Lobby on major sale

Lamp – In store at Lorec Ranch

2018 NFR Style

Hey y’all! Just dropping in to share some NFR Style. This was our third year attending the rodeo because we love going to cheer on the best cowboys and cowgirls in the world. I walked over 10 miles while I was there shopping. This year they added the RFWA expo so I headed to the plaza for a new shopping experience and I will definitely be going back. Some of my very favorite boutiques and makers were there so I was able to shop small for Christmas and get a few things for myself as well. We also did the typical Cowboy Christmas at the convention center as well as Sands and Mandalay Bay. I got to meet some of my favorite fellow western fashion influencers. I loved putting faces with instagram handles and hope to get to do that again soon!

I put together some day outfits for shopping and then a few night outfits for the rodeo. I began planning these back in June because typical OCD Suz couldn’t wait any longer.I’m already starting to plan for the next rodeo and hope to see some more familiar faces there!

Night One


I loved this mustard + white outfit. I found these pants on etsy and custom ordered them from Thailand. They were so comfortable and made of great material. You don’t always get that good of quality coming from Asia but after reading the reviews I decided to go for it. The top was actually a dress from Misguided that I altered. It was maybe ten bucks. I paired both pieces with my concho belt that I picked up in a thrift store and my redeemed cowgirl leather cuff. Y’all already know about my filthy hippie pom earrings but if you missed that post- go order you some! They add that extra flare to any outfit and are a MUST have. I also threw on a dainty naja to add more turquoise because without turquoise do you even have an outfit?!

Day Two


Day two brought to you by a retro western crop top. I found this baby on etsy and purchased it in June. It had exactly what I was looking for in a day time piece. I paired it with some flowy black pants that I’ve had for forever. Obviously we can’t forget to talk about my Saddle tramp earrings. If you don’t follow her on insta you are missing out on hilarious stories everyday. I love following her. She keeps it REAL. My felt is from glam and grit. Such an affordable price and I love the fit!

Night Two 

Blue Outfit

“She’s pretty but she’s too skinny.”  Yeah so that’s what some “man” said while walking past me as my husband snapped this pic. Not sure how it’s nearly 2019 and we are still body shaming women but that’s a post for another day. Anyways…this outfit was the outfit of all outfits for me. I felt amazing in it. This blue number was less than $200 and came from Revolve. I paired it with my lov leathers clutch and the 2 bandits jewelry.

Day Three


Day three brought to you by another etsy find. I ordered these custom overalls from Thailand when I ordered my yellow pants. They were so soft. This isn’t the best photo of them but I loved them! I paired them with another glam and grit hat and a comfortable white sweater crop top.

Night Three


This skirt was originally a size ten but I cut it down to fit me. It was a 1970s piece that, again, I found on etsy. I threw on a velvet bodysuit that had a see-through back and called it good for my final night.


See y’all at the American! I will likely be doing another ticket giveaway so enter up!




Filthy Hippie

Wow.Wow.Wow. October flew by in the blink of an eye. I’ve had so much fun sharing looks from boutiques from all across the country and I look forward to doing this again!

I can’t think of a better way to wrap this series up than to end with Filthy Hippie. When Kelby reached out to me I hopped on her insta and truly fell in LOVE with her earrings! She makes these glorious pom pom earrings that make me feel super fun! I will definitely be rocking a pair to the NFR. I have a black “Extra” pair and a mustard “Double Trouble” pair.

If you are looking for something a little different to add flair to any outfit- this is it! She can make just about any color and there are even some multi-colored options.

Kelby is a hard working college student so make sure to give her a follow on Insta and help her follow her dreams!







Photos by Cheyenne Johnson

Roan Pony Boutique

Another week, another NFR post! We are getting SO close y’all! I’ve been gathering NFR items since June and I’m 99% sure that makes me come across as a stage 5 weirdo. I just hate to stress shop. It always gets the best of me. I’ll end up going way over budget if I don’t plan and with NFR outfits you have to draw a line or you’ll be hundreds in with one tank top and a pair of socks. Not really- but you get my drift.

I’ll be in Vegas the 7th through the 10th and I hope I see so many of you there! Shanna and I will be hitting up the shopping scene which I’m thrilled about! She owns The Roan Pony which happens to be a boutique that is local to me so we’ve worked together in many shoots!

I have 2 styled outfits for you this time! Both can be dressed up or down and can be taken from day to night with some simple layering! You could easily add a duster, turquoise and a felt and be ready to par-tay the night away. It totally depends on your vibe!

I will add, that the black basic tee that I’m wearing is a must have in your closet. It is buttery soft and the perfect staple! I also love the navajo pearl necklace and the bells feel like PJ pants. What more could a girl want?!

Be sure to check out The Roan Pony online and on Instagram!








Striped bells

Desert Tee

Basic Tee

See you next week!



Photos by Cheyenne Johnson

Willow Run Boutique

Hello ladies!

This week’s feature is with Willow Run Boutique. They happen to be the 2018 West Virginia Boutique of the Year AND 2018 West Virginia Online Boutique of the Year! They have an Instagram and website so be sure to check them out!

I chose a more casual look from Willow Run because I wanted to give you some options for Cowboy Christmas! Though I am super excited to see the best cowboys and cowgirls compete at this year’s NFR, I’m too ready for all the shopping that I’ll be doing. Every year we go to the Convention Center, South Point, Sands and Mandalay Bay but this year there will be a new RFWA shopping experience at the Plaza! Since I will be carrying around all of my treasures and shopping like it’s my job- I want to make sure I’m wearing something that allows me to do just that.

This light weight denim dress is the perfect option for Cowboy Christmas because you can style it up or down and it can be worn after the NFR which is a plus. Let’s be honest- some outfits can’t be re-worn to Church or on a casual Saturday so it’s nice to choose items that can be worn again. You could easily throw a wild rag or felt on and spice this up even more but I love the simplicity of this look with this leather skull bracelet and fringe crossbody.






See you next week!



Photos by Cheyenne Johnson

Soul Revival Boutique

Happy Monday! Thanks for coming back to the blog to check out this week’s NFR outfit inspiration. I had the pleasure of working with Brooke on this look and now I feel like we are “soul sisters.” Brooke is the sweetest person and she happens to be the owner of Soul Revival Boutique. Not only do I love the name of her boutique but I admire her love for Jesus and I truly think she’s an incredible person.

Be sure to check out her Instagram and website when you are looking for pieces for the NFR. You won’t have to search long and hard because Brooke has some beautiful pieces that will have you ready to hit the strip!

I’m wearing a black duster, graphic tank and glittery bells.

The bells feel AMAZING on! They are stretchy and comfortable which is sometimes hard to find in bottoms. There is nothing worse than putting an outfit on and being completely uncomfortable in it for hours, so don’t! My best advice for the NFR is to choose pieces that you love and that you plan to wear for a good period of time because you will potentially be rocking a look for 8+ hours. Side note- you’ll be walking miles upon miles so keep that in mind when choosing which heels or boots you’ll be wearing!






See y’all next week!



Photos by Cheyenne Johnson