holy cow i’m one

My baby girl turned one on August 29th , HOLY COW.

(Onesie Bummies Boots)

I had so much fun dreaming up ideas for her very first birthday. Honestly, I way outdid myself. I should’ve started small and built up to this kind of birthday because I am convinced I will never be able to throw a more spectacular birthday. Kidding. Kind of. I’m already wondering what next year will be like. It was important to me to throw her a memorable bash because my birthday falls on Christmas Eve and well….my birthdays were always shared with Christmas. I’m pretty adamant about partying hard every year on August 29th, that is until she tells me it’s N O T cool. (not looking forward to that) Anyways, so many of you wanted the deets so here I am posting.

We did her first birthday shoot in July for her invites. They turned out SO CUTE. I also used some cute vintage western stamps for the envelopes.

(Photo Fit)

We held the partay at my hometown restaurant and it was the perfect venue. It happens to be an old barn that was torn down in a different state and moved to Arkansas.

Balloon arch – We built our own backdrop using instructions from Pinterest and this curtain. The balloons came from Lushra (we used the color rosewood and cowprint). We used this balloon pump. Trust me, you’ll want it! I ordered these pink roses and green filler from Costco for the tables. Floral accents really make everything pop. The banners are custom and can be ordered here in the “Western” font.

The clear and black lettering that says “Wrenley Sue” and “8 29” were an idea of my sweet MIL. She was given these old sign letters and we had my FIL make a board for them to slide into. I loved it! So cute. You can find the cow print plates here. Fun fact – the napkins are from our Wedding. Totally not planned but it worked out!

Table Cloth

The letter board was the same one we used to announce her birth.

The cookies were as delish as they look. They came from Sweet Trails. They shipped perfectly, arrived on time and were beautiful.

I ordered her one year photos in 5×7 size and put them on the tables for guests to take home. I liked that better than a party favor that would end up in the trash.

For food, we kept it simple and did a sandwich bar with fruit, chips and various dips.

Her smash cake was an affordable option from our local grocery (Harps). I think it was five bucks and it did the trick.(Candle not pictured but it was a black glitter 1)

The guest cake was ah-mazing. The venue made it for us and let’s just say I made sure there was plenty left for me to take home. (For locals – it’s a 6 layer salted caramel cake from The Spoon)

I’ve been seeing yard signage at several events so of course I had to make that happen as well.

If I missed something and you’d like the deets, just shoot me a message. I’d love to help you with your little one’s birthday.


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  1. Hey! I was still unable to find the rug, any help would be appreciated. I would love to use this idea for my little girl next month

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