Roan Pony Boutique

Another week, another NFR post! We are getting SO close y’all! I’ve been gathering NFR items since June and I’m 99% sure that makes me come across as a stage 5 weirdo. I just hate to stress shop. It always gets the best of me. I’ll end up going way over budget if I don’t plan and with NFR outfits you have to draw a line or you’ll be hundreds in with one tank top and a pair of socks. Not really- but you get my drift.

I’ll be in Vegas the 7th through the 10th and I hope I see so many of you there! Shanna and I will be hitting up the shopping scene which I’m thrilled about! She owns The Roan Pony which happens to be a boutique that is local to me so we’ve worked together in many shoots!

I have 2 styled outfits for you this time! Both can be dressed up or down and can be taken from day to night with some simple layering! You could easily add a duster, turquoise and a felt and be ready to par-tay the night away. It totally depends on your vibe!

I will add, that the black basic tee that I’m wearing is a must have in your closet. It is buttery soft and the perfect staple! I also love the navajo pearl necklace and the bells feel like PJ pants. What more could a girl want?!

Be sure to check out The Roan Pony online and on Instagram!








Striped bells

Desert Tee

Basic Tee

See you next week!



Photos by Cheyenne Johnson

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