Soul Revival Boutique

Happy Monday! Thanks for coming back to the blog to check out this week’s NFR outfit inspiration. I had the pleasure of working with Brooke on this look and now I feel like we are “soul sisters.” Brooke is the sweetest person and she happens to be the owner of Soul Revival Boutique. Not only do I love the name of her boutique but I admire her love for Jesus and I truly think she’s an incredible person.

Be sure to check out her Instagram and website when you are looking for pieces for the NFR. You won’t have to search long and hard because Brooke has some beautiful pieces that will have you ready to hit the strip!

I’m wearing a black duster, graphic tank and glittery bells.

The bells feel AMAZING on! They are stretchy and comfortable which is sometimes hard to find in bottoms. There is nothing worse than putting an outfit on and being completely uncomfortable in it for hours, so don’t! My best advice for the NFR is to choose pieces that you love and that you plan to wear for a good period of time because you will potentially be rocking a look for 8+ hours. Side note- you’ll be walking miles upon miles so keep that in mind when choosing which heels or boots you’ll be wearing!






See y’all next week!



Photos by Cheyenne Johnson

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