Redeemed Cowgirl

What I love about being a blogger / style influencer is working with brands and makers that I can jive with. I enjoy working with goal driven individuals that share the same interests as me, as well. When Elizabeth messaged me on Instagram wanting to collaborate, I immediately jumped on her website. I instantly loved everything that she was trying to accomplish with her business and could see her vision by just scrolling through her page.

The Redeemed Cowgirl has partnered with Colors of Hope, which is an equine restoration program, for victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking. She makes the most beautiful leather cuffs and when you shop you are supporting young women and girls who have been sexually targeted.

Did you know that sex trafficking is the second most profitable illegal crime in the world? It’s a $32 billion dollar per year problem that has to be fixed. The next time you’re looking for a leather cuff you should check out @redeemedcowgirl. Not only will you have a new accessory that goes with any outfit – you will be making an impact in the lives of women who so desperately need your support.



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