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Meet Gus. We met at a rodeo after his steer went left and he bulldogged one at the back gate. It’s kinda funny lookin back now. From then on, we’ve pretty much been inseparable. He makes me steak when I’m hangry, helps me clean when I don’t want to and never complains when that online order that I needed so badly arrives at the front door. What more could a gal ask for?! He asked me to be his bride on November 19th, 2016 and on September 9th, 2017 we said HECK STINKIN YES. For 10 months, we planned our dream wedding. I say “we” but really it was more of “sure babe I definitely think you should utilize cotton in the bouquets instead of white daisies.” Ha! He was a great sport throughout it all and somehow, we managed to not kill each other so I’d chalk that up to a win.

Enough sap-let’s talk weddings.

Let me start this next paragraph by saying I am not a wedding planner and what worked for me may not work for the next girl. That’s the beauty of it; every wedding is unique and beautiful in its own way. If you want an outdoor wedding that costs you $50k- do it. Don’t let anyone tell you that, that is stupid to spend on a wedding. Some people value money differently. On the other hand, if you want a $1,000 indoor wedding on a Wednesday, have a $1,000 indoor wedding on a Wednesday. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you had the time of your life marrying your best bud. I had so many individuals trying to tell me how to spend my day and it got really hard at times to separate what I wanted from what they wanted. By the end, I chose 2 people that I trusted and I really listened to their opinion WHEN I ASKED FOR IT.

I started the process by doing what I do best- getting organized in excel. Ha! I had an excel sheet with like 10 tabs to keep me sane. Some people choose to stay disconnected and let a wedding planner do everything and that is great but I knew how that would end for me (I’m super OCD) so I decided against a planner. Again, planners are awesome but I wanted to spend my money elsewhere like…. on tacos!!


Gus and I both love taco bell so we decided it made perfect sense to have a taco bar during the reception. We went with a local Mexican restaurant that was great to work with and very affordable.


Our cake came from a local grocery store (Harps) and was beautiful + YUM and certainly did not break the bank. In order to feed 250 people, we actually got a 3-tier cake for Gus and I to cut, and then in the back we had 2 pre-cut sheet cakes for the guests. Guests don’t care what it looks like, only that it’s good.





As far as beverages, we ended up doing kegs instead of bottles/cans and I would 100% advise against that but only because we didn’t have a great experience with them. I wanted to do kegs to minimize the cleanup but it just went totally south when the tap didn’t work well and the trashcans leaked.



Our décor came from the Kindred Barn décor closet, friends and family and good ole Amazon/Hobby Lobby. The décor closet was just one of a million things that sold me on the Kindred Barn because it saved us so much moolah. Speaking of that big white barn, it doesn’t take much to make it look GORG so that was extra helpful.











Garden Gate in Genry, AR did my floral arrangements and honestly, I’m so glad that I decided to go with someone from my hometown (shop small, shop local) because they were 110% amazing and perfect and beautiful.








I met Bailey on insta and I’m just gonna say thank God for that because I feel like we are long lost bff’s. I think it’s super important to hire stylists that get your vision and you. It makes everything so much easier. I knew Tobi through a mutual friend and again, social media sold me on his makeup work. He is fire. His work is fire. Bailey and Tobi were the perfect duo to work with and I’d recommend either to the Queen of England.



I’m so glad that I decided to hire a videographer. Brett Baggett at BB Media captured my best day in the best way and now I have a video to look back on and remember why the heck I married Gus Crooch 😉 Cheyenne Johnson photographed so much of my love story from bridals to boudoir to our big day. Getcha a photog that can do it all AND make you feel comfortable. As far as a DJ goes- get oneeee. A DJ that interacts with the crowd will allow your guests to have an unforgettable experience.





My Soterro and Midgley dress gave me all the feels. When Gus saw me for our first look I could tell that I did my best in picking out the perfect dress from Danielle’s. The staff was wonderful to work with and even if I could go back and pick another, I absolutely wouldn’t.





xox Suz

p.s. these pictures get me every time. I love my friends. This is when they first saw me.







If you have any other wedding related questions- shoot me an email.


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