Ro-day-oh fashion

I recently returned from the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo and WOW what an experience that was! Obviously seeing all the cowboys and cowgirls competing was the absolute best part, but the next best thing was seeing everyone’s creativity come to life in western fashion form. If you’ve ever been, then you’ve likely seen women of all ages rocking their favorite velvet bells, squash blossom necklaces, Charlie 1 horse hats and concho belts. I prepped 3 months prior to round 3 and 4 to make sure every single outfit was just what I wanted it to be. I mean, the OCD inside me had me filling out excel spreadsheets with various outfit ideas, links to small boutiques (shop small, shop local) and cropped images of western fashion pieces. That being said, it’s never too early to start the prep work for The American Rodeo, righhhhtttt…….just me….ok!!

I put together a few different outfits from some of my favorite places to shop. For this shoot with Cheyenne Johnson Photography, I chose some items from Ruby Rose Cowgirl, Wild Bleu and Lariats and Lace. Y’all go check em’ out!

I drug my husband and his DJI drone out for some sweet video of the shoot. We froze our hind ends off in the twenty degree/windy weather the day after Christmas for this very post, so I hope you like whatcha see ladies (and gents) 😉


Love, love this outfit. I’m all about being stylish AND comfy so this one did that for me.XH9A2282

This silk print wild rag came perfectly packaged from the Ruby Rose Cowgirl. XH9A2332

It was SOO windy, hence why I’m holding my Charlie 1 and trying not to fall over.XH9A2398

Found these sweet suede bells and this amazing rose jean jacket from Wild Bleu.XH9A2416

The rose petals on this jacket were 3D so they were blowing in the wind with my hair.XH9A2483

Found this cute tee from Lariats and Lace and wore it the day of my wedding while I was getting ready. I’d like to add to this shirt, though. “Life’s short marry a cowboy….but it’s not as sexy as it sounds…they fart….a lot.”XH9A2532



If you’d like more details on any outfit, or to collaborate- shoot me a message!

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