Hello Frans

I have to start this very first post with a HUGE thank you. Thank you so very much for beginning this journey with me. I know that reading blogs may not be in everyone’s “wheelhouse” but if it is, then I’m ecstatic that you’re here. My goal is to mesh my love of western fashion, farmhouses and L I F E into one place. That being said I think I’ll letcha know a little bit about me.

gusPhoto by Cheyenne Johnson Photography 

I married Gustyn Wyatt Crooch, the cowboy of my dreams, on 9/9/17 and we live with our pup Bex in Arkansas. Our house is on the market and as soon as it sells we are going to be homeless. Like truly homeless. We are trying to decide if we are going to live in a horse trailer, rent an apartment or build a shop to live in while our forever farmhouse is being built in Northeast Oklahoma. My vote is to buy the horse trailer (because duh it will serve a better purpose later on) but of course the engineering side of my hubs wants to build the shop himself. I’ll be sure to let y’all know how that little dispute works out 😉

I work as a commodity trader in Northwest Arkansas and Gus works as an engineer in Tulsa which is an hour and a half drive from home, hence why we’re moving. The goal is to somewhat split the drive in half so we chose a plot of land in Northeast Oklahoma. (Gustyn says it’s God’s country) I drew up our 4 bedroom 3 bath house on some printer paper and he made it come to life in some fancy engineering system that he uses, so luckily we didn’t have to pay thousands for some silly drawings. Once the building process begins I plan to document the entire process, which I’m super excited about.

In my spare time I’m pretty much always with my husband because like I mentioned earlier we’re newlyweds so we haven’t made it to the whole “I hate ya” stage. (JK I know you ALL love your husbands/significant others every second of every day) We enjoy going to rodeos together, riding horses, and shopping A LOT. Ladies, all I can say is getcha a man that will follow you around any boutique holding your purse and Starbucks mocha while you shop for all the fringe and turquoise because once you have that, YOU’VE MADE ITTT. Not really. But it’s pretty frekin cool/convenient.

I think that’s enough about me.

xox Suz


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